Here's our November 2007 Mission Team: Gary, Carol, Kay R, Kay M, Cate, Sharon, Pastor Ronald, Cate, Joan, Dr. Judy, Madam Ronald, Jessica and Stephen. We're standing in the parking lot of the guest house where we stay.
These kids are looking through the door of the Light & Peace Christian School in Cabaret. The town of Cabaret was severely damaged by massive flooding. The children in the school receive an education and a hot lunch every day. These kids outside are just hoping to get a piece of candy from the Mission Team.

Haiti Children Singing Various Songs

These are the students inside the school at Cabaret. Can you believe there were 190 students in that little church/school building? They didn't even have enough benches for all the kids to sit on. Each class faces a different direction to lessen the distractions. Most of the kids didn't have uniforms, none of them had books. We gave each of the big kids a cloth backpack and all of the kids a small bag of toys and candy. The Mission Team is in the front of the kids, singing Alouette with them.

Haiti Children Singing

The children of Haiti singing the Star Spangled Banner

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This is a great picture of what has become a road on the way up the mountain. It was once farms and hilside and even a town, but because of the floodsits now a riverbed that is used as a road. A very bumpy road - but a road, nevertheless.
Children from My Father's House Orphanage.
This is a picture of a man who lives with his wife at the orphanage. He's a tailor and he's showing us how he makes the uniforms for all the Light & Peace Schools.